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Danièle Soaré


A WE² bit about Danièle:

Danièle Soaré - Financial coachLet me tell you a little bit about my background and why I chose this area of expertise. After working in finance for 27 years, I asked myself, ”What can I do with all this knowledge and experience? How can I put it to good use and help people, especially those struggling to understand how best to manage their money and make it grow in an increasingly complicated system? Most financial planners and investors today are closely associated with major financial institutions. So who can provide unbiased information and help individuals with all their financial needs at different stages of their lives?”

The first job I held back in 1979 was that of phone clerk at the Toronto Stock Exchange, followed by a position of equity floor trader, a challenge that prepared me well for a career in finance. It was very exciting and rewarding to be the third woman in the history of the Toronto Stock Exchange to cross that line. This great experience enabled me to develop my market reflexes and intuition.

After working for over twenty years as an institutional equity trader, I became one of the founding partners of a retail clothing chain. I also worked at two of Canada’s leading banking institutions for over nine years, learning the ins and outs of the banking world. More recently a most rewarding opportunity came up to mentor on a cyber-mentoring site, which drove home my need to “pay it forward”. My experience as a Financial Planner and Financial Adviser has enabled me to develop excellent ”behind-the-scenes logistical knowledge”.

People have described me as a personable, versatile, quick-thinking professional that places a high value on building long-term relationships. I speak French and English fluently as well as some Spanish. What motivates me as an entrepreneur and professional is helping individuals through their financial meanders.

WE2 Member to Member benefit:

One Consultation valued at $100.00

Contact Danièle

Danièle Soaré
Financial coach

Tel: 514.971.2888
Email: danielesoare@videotron.ca
Website: http://coachfinancier.vpweb.ca

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