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Dahna Weber


A WE² bit about Dahna:

Dahna WeberMinc/ Motherhood Incorporated is a network of over 250 professional moms who have left the corporate world who do everything from web design, translation, SEO (search engine optimization), SMM (social media marketing), graphic art, business plans, grant applications, copy writing, blog writing, business administration….you name it!

Minc is run by Dahna Weber who builds and manages a team of skilled professionals to deliver a project tailored to meet a client’s budget, timeline and style. We are a professional one stop support centre. MINC offers a new cost-effective way to get work done without the cost of additional office space, equipment and software needs, taxes and costly benefits. We can do anything that can be done by phone, fax or email. We assist employers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs by offering highly qualified and efficient services at competitive rates.

  • We help our clients to minimize their costs, their task lists, their headaches.
  • We help our clients maximize their time, their efficiency, their growth.
  • We encourage our clients to stick to their core expertise and delegate whatever they can.

Contact Dahna

Dahna Weber

Tel: 514-578-4655

Email: dahna@motherhoodincorporated.ca
Website: www.motherhoodincorporated.ca

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