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Secrets to Great Style with Monica De Liz

Monica de Liz Style Coach

Monica de Liz Style Coach

7. Create A Positive Online Image

Keep in mind that in today’s social media reality; first impressions have already been made through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter even before you meet someone. What you publish on the internet for the world to see can build or kill your reputation. Avoid posting words or pictures that will raise questions about your professionalism. It’s important to understand that knowledge will get you far but making the right first impression will get you even further.

A successful image will not save you from a lousy performance or product; but a poor first impression can get in the way of attracting an excellent client, raise or project. Before getting dressed tomorrow, think about what you have been wearing every day. Is it the best you can do? Dress with purpose. Express your individuality. Smile. Make it your ultimate goal for the next 30 days. I look forward to hearing your comments at info@image4success.com.

Part 7 in a Series on “7 easy steps to help you stand out”

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