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Celebrate Success!

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

Why do people feel awkward or even guilty of celebrating their successes, whether they are small or big? Perhaps we feel we don’t deserve it or that we can “do more” or we say to ourselves “I’ll celebrate when…XYZ”
and the “when XYZ” never comes…

March 1st 2013 was a BIG day for me. This was the day of my 5th session in Toronto with iPEC Canada, training people to become certified coaches and my class was made of 40 students!

I literally doubled the students from the last session and quadrupled from the 1st session I had. All that in a year and a half!

Why am I telling you this? It’s not to brag about it (some people feel that way when they talk about their successes) but it’s not my style.  This is a very good example of a success I celebrated… with a nice glass of wine (or 2) and good friends!

When you honour your achievements, You are taking care of yourself making sure your soul is rewarded. It’s a way of checking in and making sure that you are aligned with where you want to go! If you accomplished something, it definitely means you are on the path of achieving your goal! It also means that you allow yourself to be satisfied with your “performance”, you are more fulfilled, not always in the pursuit of “MORE.”

Those of you who perceive this as bragging (some of you will and there is nothing wrong with that) probably envy others when they accomplish something or think that there is no way they could achieve that, this only happens to others. There might be a little jealousy happening too… Ask yourself what is triggering this? what could I do to stop feeling that way? How can you make this change? With what thought could I replace the “I can’t achieve that”? How do you want to feel?

Look at your life and notice what you accomplished… you might be surprised!!! CELEBRATE IT TODAY!

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