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Carrie Katz


A WE² bit about Carrie:

Carie KatzAs a Creativity Coach, I work within Creative Fields and as a Life/Business Coach. My approach helps clients achieve goals such as: clarity, purpose, vision, innovation and life/work balance!

Carrie Katz is a graduate of Concordia University’s Professional and Personal Certified Coaching (PPCC) program. A member of ICF (International Coach Federation) and FICQ, she coaches in Montreal, with clients throughout North America focusing on Creativity Coaching. She also designs and gives workshops to help clients reach personal and professional goals. Carrie Katz has over 16 years experience as a Business Development Consultant within many diverse industries. As a professional singer/songwriter and writer, she has also worked directly in other creative enterprises such as; Film (Documentary and Feature), Television, the Music Industry and Theatre therefore giving her a unique position for entrepreneurs and business people both within Creative Fields and as a Business and Life Coach. Carrie is also the Co-founder of The Creativity Coach Alliance is available for individual coaching, talks and workshops.

Testimonial for Carrie:

“Carrie has the ability to immerse herself completely into her work in a energized and focused way. You can count on Carrie to get things done and have fun in the process too! She is passionate about her music, her coaching and life! It is contagious!” – Amanda French

“Carrie is the coolest coach I know! She has a wonderful, warm, open and fun-loving personality that lends itself perfectly to her chosen field. I attended a creativity workshop that was enlightening and fun. She’s also a FANTASTIC singer/songwriter – I never get tired of listening to her CD.” – Julia Di Nardo

Contact Carrie:

Carrie Katz
Personal and Professional Certified Coach

Email: carriekatzcoaching@gmail.com
Email: carriekatzcoaching@gmail.com