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Caroline Lavoie


A WE² bit about Caroline:

Caroline Lavoie - A Timeless CelebrationI am an osteopath with a physiotherapy background. I have been working for 20 years as a health professional and 12 yrs specializing in osteopathy. I work with adults for chronic and acute injuries or ailments. I also work with children that have suffered injuries and those who have ADD or ADHD to help them be more functional as an adjunct to medical treatment. And I work with babies that have colics, recurrent ear infections, difficulty sleeping or moving (crawling, cruising or walking).

WE2 Member to Member benefit:

I give a 5$ discount to the We2 members per session.

Contact Caroline

Caroline Lavoie

Tel: 514.241.1692
Email: info@osteomotion.com
Website: http://www.osteomotion.com

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