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Arlene Taveroff


A WE² bit about Arlene:

Arlene TaveroffHi, I’m Arlene,

Are you a heart-centered entrepreneur or service professional? Do you know deep down that you have so much to offer, but you’re just not sure how to present yourself to the world?

That used to be me, too! I spent so much of my childhood and adolescent years feeling so invisible! But through the years, I have learned to step out into the spotlight and be of service to people – and now I want so much to share my experience and expertise with you!

What I realized over the years is that everyone has a unique collection of gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with the world. These gifts are given to you to share, not to hide! The trouble is, we live in a world of information overload, so to share your gifts and be of service to those who need you, you need to create a brand that really rocks – one that will enable you to showcase your expertise and let the real YOU become VISIBLE to the world in the best way possible. And trust me, when you do that, it’s going to feel terrific – like you’ve come home!

When you work with me you get a complete and professional identity package that has focus, impact and authenticity. You get expert help defining the focus of your work, writing and talking about it authentically and creating a visual identity consistent with your business personality. The result: brand that will work for you and help you close those sales!

My clients tell me that I bring order and clarity to their thoughts, so everything feels easy and organized. I bring you the ability to absorb, integrate, and intuitively understand the essence of who you are, then use words, colors and images to give it beautiful and convincing form, so your clients immediately know who you are and what you offer them.

A background of teaching, research, and business networking and professional photography has given me valuable expertise in visual communication. I earned a Ph.D. from McGill University, and received training from Dale Carnegie. I’ve written for numerous publications and published two books. Oh, and there was that cooking series on TV that I hosted years ago before they were the rage!

Testimonials for Arlene:

“Arlene has created my beautiful new website that so accurately captures my essence that my clients will know immediately who I am and what I bring to them. She has also helped me define who I am and clarify my target market. She has also been wonderful to work with.”
– K Racette, Psychotherapist

“Arlene’s work is impeccable. She is quick, to the point and makes the personal branding process so easy. You can literally feel safe turning it all over to her because she has this intuitive ability to connect with the soul of your business and recreate it through her gift of design and her way with words. ”
– M Rodriguez, Life Coach

“With the help of Arlene’s branding program,” I have found what’s in my heart. I am now focused and ready for action. Using my passion to help people really does feel magical. ”
P Kepron, photographer

WE2 Member to Member benefit:

“Look and Sound as Good Online as You Really Are”: a free ebook and online mini-course.

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Arlene Taveroff
Create a Brand that Rocks!

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