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Secrets to Great Style with Monica De Liz

Monica de Liz Style Coach

Monica de Liz Style Coach

Get naked and face your curves in the mirror! Be brutally honest with yourself. What do you see? Avoid listening to your negative little voice and be open to seeing a magnificent creation that is perfect the way it is – there is nothing wrong with your body unless you choose to believe the contrary. It’s time to stop postponing your happiness for a later day and start appreciating your unique beauty. Most women are living in the past (remembering the body they had) or in the future (dreaming about the body they could have if they lose the ten extra pounds) and forget to be grateful for what they have now. Comparing yourself with unrealistic images showcased by magazines and the media will lead to never-ending frustration. From today forward, establish a nurturing relationship with your body: admire every inch of it, talk to it, massage it, and appreciate its simple magical existence.


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